Pet Health Center

Gwangse medical Pet Health Center structure

Pet Health Center has been established to train manpower and create jobs in the field of pet healthcare for the purpose of introducing the particular field in relation to disease prevention and maintaining good health. This particular concept is relatively new in Korea while beauty, food, and other pet item businesses have been emerging recently.

Unlike the EU and some advanced countries like the US, Australia, and Canada, most of the residential environment are dense apartment complexes in Korea and even the climate is not so favorable. In spring, pollens and fine dusts pollute the peninsula and the heat wave and heavy rainfall are prevalent in the summertime. Cold wave and icy roads are particularly dangerous in winter season. These elements limit not only people but also pets from exercising regularly.
This is the very reason why the indoor health center dedicated to pets is absolutely needed for all seasons.

Gwangse medical equipment additional dog image
Gwangse medical equipment additional dog image

Pet Health Center Layout

Pet health center layout